Welcome to Massey's Restaurant

We begin at 7:30 am every day; slicing, chopping, grinding, marinating, and more. We feel that our efforts make a difference customers can taste.

The daily soup is made every morning from scratch. Our salsa has never seen a can or bottle. All of our salad dressings are homemade and virtually all of our meats are hand trimmed and portioned on the premises. Fresh potatoes are peeled every day for mashed potatoes and hand-cut fries. Kaiser buns and Vienna breads are baked for us locally.

Our new web site will provide contact information so that we may address any questions or concerns you may have, while also giving you the opportunity to download our menu.

Whether you're looking for a place to host a family gathering, a corporate function, or just somewhere to enjoy a nice meal, Massey's can accommodate individuals or groups as large as 50. As we work towards our fifth decade in business with three generations working under the same roof, we hope that you enjoy your visit with us.